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Workshop on Biostatistical Methods in Medical Research 4-7th December, 2018
Group photograph of participants along with faculty from ICMR-NIMS
Dr N C Jain, Scientist G, ICMR HQs, New Delhi discussing Publication and Plagiarism. Dr.Saurabh Sharma, Scientist B, ICMR-NIMS delivered a talk on Epidemiological Measures
Dr. Niranjan Saggurrti, Country Director, Population Council, India giving a talk on Protocol Writing. Dr. Saritha Nair, Scientist D ICMR-NIMS sharing her experiences in Qualitative research
Dr. Damodar Sahu Scientist-F, ICMR-NIMS discussing the practical aspects of Sampling
Dr. Nalin Mehta, Professor, Department of Physiology AIIMS, New Delhi explaining ethical issues in Biomedical research
Dr.Ajit Mukherjee, Scientist F, ICMR-NIMS delivering a lecture on Bias Confounding and Effect Modification
Dr.Geetha Menon Scientist E, ICMR-NIMS delivering a lecture on Systematic review and Meta- analysis
Dr.Kh Jiten Kumar Singh, Scientist D, ICMR-NIMS giving hands on training on R programming
Dr.Lucky Singh, Scientist C, ICMR-NIMS explaining Probability Distribution
Dr.M Vishnu Vardhana Rao, Director ICMR-NIMS felicitating guest speaker Dr. Sreenivas Vishnubhatla, Professor, Department of Biostatisitics, AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr.M Vishnu Vardhana Rao, Director, ICMR-NIMS interacting with the participants during the inaugural session
Dr. M Vishnu Vardhana Rao, Director, ICMR-NIMS explaining Hypothesis testing
Dr.R M Pandey, Professor and Head, Department of Biostatistics, AIIMS, New Delhi, explaining the concepts of Correlation and Regression
Dr.Tulsi Adhikari, Scientist E, ICMR-NIMS delivered a talk on Sample size estimation
Guest speaker Dr.Ashoo Grover, Sc-E ,ICMR HQs felicitated by Mr. B S Dhillon, Sc-G ICMR-NIMS
Guest speaker Dr.Sumit Malhotra, Associate Professor, Centre for Community Medicine , AIIMS, New Delhi felicitated by Dr B S Dhillon, Sc-G ICMR-NIMS
Hands on training on SPSS software
Dr. M Vishnu Vardhan Rao, Director, ICMR-NIMS during certificate distribution

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